About NUP

National University of Pakistan (NUP) is a federally chartered public sector university established on 18 April 2023 with the assent of honorable President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Rector and Registrar of the University appointed on 15 May 2023 and 7 Jun 2023 respectively.

NUP is a unique model and public sector initiative with multi-disciplinary scope which will provide equal opportunity to large segment of students, from lower and lower-middle income groups in pursuit of their higher education.

Being the National University, NUP will be a source of linkage among the provinces. Besides transforming human resource system of the country into human capital system, it will also be an ideal platform for promoting National Education Policy & programme by contributing to meet the target of 30% enrolment by 2025.

The University aims at achieving excellence in the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of natural and applied sciences engineering and emerging technologies, management sciences, computing, social sciences, humanities and arts, and other such branches of knowledge.